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If you have children that are learning to read, then you NEED to leverage a phonics system that will give them a BIG ADVANTAGE.

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Do you want to boost your child’s reading skills in a way that’s fun and engaging? Did you know that children excel at learning with games, songs and rewards?

We HIGHLY recommend, this program has been successfully used by over 2 million parents and teachers alike around the world and is widely considered one of the top phonic learning systems on the internet.


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Why children love Reading Eggs:

  • Over 512 interactive games, motivating rewards and songs
  • Makes reading fun – kids want to learn
  • One-on-one lessons to match your child’s ability


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We base our recommendation of Reading Eggs on the facts:

  • 91% of parents noticed an improvement in their child’s reading ability since using Reading Eggs
  • Based on solid scientific research
  • Used in 2440 primary schools (and counting!)

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Programs like Reading Eggs are designed to teach children the core literacy skills needed to be successful at school with a progressive sequence of interactive and motivational lessons.


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